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Our third student is Nithya.

Nithya has been in touch with SRUWRA for the last 4 years. Nithya’s mother Maria Selvi was one of our beneficiaries. She was suffering from OVARIAN CYST. We helped her to get treated and do the follow up regularly. She is alright now. It is in helping her we came to know more about the family and Nithya. I noticed something interesting in her. She was totally different from the rest of the family. She is from an illiterate family. No one to guide her and encourage her still she was doing well. ‘What good could come from that family’ was the thought of many. I am not exaggerating when saying this. We tried all our best to support her in the last years in the school level. Sr.Daisy at the Old age home was closely following her. We in no way forced her. It is all her effort and the determination enabled her to come first in the annual exam. I had thought why she can’t bring change in the family. She was added in the list of John Lane scholarship students.