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Our second student is Pradeepa.

Her father is also a fisherman and she comes for the village of Thangachimadam.  She is srudying for a BSc in Physics at the Holy Cross Autonomous College in Trichy.

Her story is similar to Selvam's but here is why she was chosen.  These are Joseph's words:

She passed through the 12th standard examination with 915 marks out of 1200 in a year the local schools in the island produced their lowest ever results.  When many of the 12th standard students in the island failed and the vast majority of them scored below 700 marks, she managed to pass with 915 marks and ranking second in the school.  She has achieved it studying in an average school, not well equipped.  Her personal effort alone has made it possible.  The bad effects of tsunami were in the family. The family was not in full shape for nearly a year, living in utter poverty; nevertheless, nothing took her mind away from her studies.  Unlike other students who did well in the exam, she did not have private tuition.  There was no one in the family to guide her with her studies, but she went on.  The surrounding of her house is not conducive for study, but she managed to overcome the noise around. She is the first member of the family to get into college.  She has done well in games and extra curricular activities too. Our enquiries made about her in the surroundings helped to prove that we have chosen one of the most deserving student.