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Amala Annai

Amala Annai is a home for the aged in Olaikuda run by Rev. Sr. Daisy Rani caring for about 40-45 elderly people.  We support them with an annual maintenance grant. 

Here she describes the help we have provided.

"Pappa Fund has been helping us for the past six consecutive years.  We feel secure with the continuous support we get from The Pappa Fund. The proposed grant money will be spent on the maintenance of the Home. Maintenance would include food, clothing, water, electricity, transport, medical bills and phone bills.

Amala Annai Home for the aged provides, food, shelter, clothing, medications and guidance to the elderly people who land up in Rameswaram with or without their consent.  Those who need attention remain in at Home as an inmate as long as they wish. Every newcomer is given a week time to feel the place.  Some land up here after a quarrel with their sons and daughter in laws. They take time to think about what they want to do.  Quite a many of them return home within a week.  Some donít get adjusted to the life at the Aged home, thus they get back to their families.  We take all the necessary steps to get in touch with their kith and kin.  It is only those who have no one look after or those who donít want to live at the mercy of their children and daughter-in-laws stay back with the aged home.